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April 13, 2018

Creativity is a multi-faceted concept for me. It’s not enough just to draw, I sometimes want to imagine a scene, then hire models and go to a far off location and try to create that imagined scene.  Then set up lights and go through an entire photo shoot to capture that scene.  Then manipulate the images in the computer to further enhance the scene.  And then finally create the artwork.  To me, that is creativity.  Every step is a microcosm of the overall finished project.

I don’t often get to embark on projects like that, but my life is slowly steering into that direction.  I started my art business Elysian Realm last year just for that purpose.  And one of the projects I am doing with Elysian Realm is creating a new type of artist mannequin.  It is a human skeleton base that is fully articulated and poseable, and it will eventually have an outer layer of muscles that stretch and move realistically while posing the figure.

Anyway, I’ve been developing and building this skeleton for quite some time now (all the progress is in my blog at the Elysian Realm website) and while designing a tattoo last week, I decided to use my skeleton guy as a model to help me draw.

The design is part of a larger sleeve. I had taken a picture of her arm at her last session. I then put my art on top of that picture in photoshop to help us both get an idea of what the game plan would be for her next session.

I tattooed it on her earlier this week.  You can see the hair from another tattoo flowing into the skull – which might look confusing at this point, but I haven’t designed any art for that open space yet.

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