Flowers and touchups

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April 18, 2018

I try to be capable of many different styles, although I have mentioned before that I am more painterly and not so much into linework-heavy tattoos. However Friday’s client was very specific in wanting a line style floral piece. While designing it she provided me with quite a few reference pics and requested a lot of changes to the drawings until we finally arrived at a design she was happy with. Getting clients involved in the art creation process tends to make for more satisfied customers. So I started on her linework using a 9-liner. I did a small bit of shading and will introduce some lighter shades next session.

Sunday I worked on a Japanese temple with cherry blossoms. Then I did a touchup session on a mermaid which originally had been a 3-and-a-half hour sitting. I took a picture before the touchup so it is clear where she needed work. Sometimes with those longer sessions the skin will start to beat up, and it’s pointless to try and keep hammering ink into already battered areas. So I always inform the client to expect some light areas, give it a few weeks to heal, then schedule a touchup session. I have always maintained a free touchup policy within the first year.

Today was the third session of a color floral piece. The two stargazer lilys were done in the previous sittings, so today I worked on the habiscus with butterfly followed by all the shading flow lines. Client had a surgery scar on her back and wanted it covered so I hid it in the butterfly. Gray washes usually go in dark and lighten as they heal so we’ll see what this one looks like in a few weeks.


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