Consult and Session

April 20, 2018

I had a consult appointment with a client who I tattooed about 3 years ago. She’s from Texas and wanting a rattlesnake on her leg. We discussed the art style and layout details, then I added her name to my “draw” list, which I can never stay caught up on.

For my afternoon tattoo session I did a compass with torn map of England and Scotland in black and gray, based roughly on a design the client had found online (which I then redrew). When we had met for the consult I estimated it to be a 2-3 hour session. Final time on it today was 1 hour 45 minutes. He was happy. I enjoy coming in under budget. I think the clients do too. Before he left he told me a shop in Reno wanted $600 to do that Tattoo – only a little smaller than what I did it. My shop rate currently is $100 per hour, so he got his tattoo from me for $180. I will be raising my prices another $20 probably this fall, but $600? For that Tattoo? To me that is just absolutely ridiculous. Anyway he was happy when he left and that is definitely what I’m striving for with every tattoo I do.

Today’s movie choice was “Ant-Man” (clients have the option to listen to music, watch movies, or watch Netflix).


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