Biomech and stuff

April 23, 2018

I got some new designs started. I had an old friend install a lift kit on my Jeep last month, and now I owe him some tattoo work. He at first wanted his Dodge Challenger coming out of the skin. After I drew it he asked for some bio mechanical type stuff with skulls. I think he’s happy with it so we need to start that soon.

Yesterday I finished up a full sleeve that we started last fall. He has another session in a couple months and I’ll take some pictures of it all healed up and do any touchup work that may be needed.

One of my fellow Jeep owner buddies has a full sleeve in progress. He got a Harley Davidson themed sleeve from me a couple years ago as his first tattoo, and now he’s wanting to sleeve the other arm with a welder and some of his tools.

I’m also working on a pretty massive coverup design. The client has an upper half sleeve that was done over 15 years ago and is wanting a Japanese style piece with koi and cherry blossoms and stuff. I took some photos of his arm and am drawing over the photos with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I added some lily flowers and branches so far, still lots to do.

One other design that is in the works is a full sleeve piece incorporating a tree of life, hawk, and ancient soldier. I spent a couple nights researching soldiers and their armor and decided on a Trojan, mainly because the client wanted a specific type of shield and the Trojans used that particular shield.

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