Hector and the Wrench

I’ve been slowly working on a 3/4 sleeve full of tools.  Yesterday we added some feeler gauges, a crescent wrench, and some vise grips. I saw a noticeable improvement in my technique after spending the weekend practicing with my new digital brushes.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of selling tee shirts for the shop, and last night I actually set the pen to iPad and worked out a couple designs – one for male and one for female.  I used my skeleton artist mannequin as the model.  I’ve decided to name him “Hector”.

I placed a small order today, 18 men shirts and 19 female shirts in various sizes.  I hope they turn out good.  Now I have to decide on how to display them in the shop.  And I have to get a hold of the department of taxation to get set up to sell items and collect sales tax.  Thus far in my career I have only sold my tattoo services, which are not subject to sales tax.

And tomorrow I should be getting my first inspection by the health department.  New statewide regulations are in effect and the local health department is ready to make sure the tattooists in town aren’t butchering folk.

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