Break from Reptiles

May 17, 2018

The reptile piece has reached a point where the client will be taking a break. 17 hours in and I’ve only gotten part of his upper arm covered. This is by far the most time-consuming piece I’ve ever worked on. We wrapped up after only 2 hours today – the shortest session we’ve ever had. Parts of his arm had scabs from the previous session. His skin had been beating up quickly from those small magnum needles.

These reptiles are all pets of his, and he plans to get his entire arm sleeved with the rest of his scaly clan…many more to come.


The rest of my evening was spent updating the books – or rather a spreadsheet detailing shop expenditures and expenses. I set it up to also calculate my use taxes.

And since I’m so gung-ho lately on getting the shop revamped and decluttered, I found a nice iPad stand that I should be able to clip to my dental light pole. Then I can eliminate the music stand from my work area and everything will feel more roomy and streamlined.

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