Shirts, Lines, and an App

May 18, 2018

Today’s tattoo was tough. It was all straight lines. And to add to my troubles, the liner needles were struggling to drop ink. The goal was to get the initial pass in so no stencil would be needed for next session. Therefore I did not spend time cleaning up lines as I went because I only had 2.5 hours available to tattoo. Next session I will tidy and then start coloring. Interesting sleeve idea, I think. Very unique.


I sold 6 tee shirts today so that was cool. The stand and hangers arrived so I hung up all the shirts and left spots for the next batch. I also got the rest of the flooring and installed it.

I decided to start an ambitious project tonight. Since I made those digital brushes, I can’t help but want to simulate the tattoo machine speed while practicing. So I signed up for the Apple Development program and am going to try to make my own Tattoo Technique Practice app for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. If I can pull it off well  I could potentially sell it on the App Store and make some extra money. For years I worked in advertising building dynamic database-driven websites with graphical interfaces, so I am no stranger to writing code. I think I can pull this one off. It would be a great training and practice app for tattoo artists.

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