Feather and Flower

In Tattoos
May 20, 2018

I mounted the new iPad mount to my dental light pole and was able to get rid of the music stand. The shop is looking so much better, and working is easier without so many stands in my way. Now if I can just figure out a way to mount my armrest to the chair I can finally have that damn stand out of my way. I’m always running into the legs of that one while I’m working.

I did a feather tattoo under a clavicle today using a 7 magnum for all the shading and a 5-liner for some highlights and wisps. She was expecting it to hurt a lot more. I was going to use the SecondSkin bandage on her but I struggled to get the backing off and then I couldn’t get the clear layer peeled off and then it wouldn’t stick so I just used plastic wrap. I was unusually clumsy this morning.

I also did a small rose this afternoon with a 9 magnum needle. My client tends to make an appt every couple of months for an hour at a time to get a flower for each member of her family. Eventually she will probably add a fill behind all the flowers.


After I finished her rose I tried the SecondSkin bandage again and was able to successfully apply it to her arm. The instructions weren’t too clear on the website but it seems she should keep it on for 3 days, then remove it and use lotion for a few more days. Hopefully that is correct because if so, that makes aftercare so much easier.

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