Recap of days gone by

May 29, 2018

I’ve spent so much time over the last week pulling my hair out over writing code and developing the new TattApp that I’ve neglected my other duties – including updating my blog.

I finished up a black and gray skeleton on Kim who happens to be my most frequent client. She’s been coming to see me for over 4 years now. Despite that I was super happy with this tattoo I did on the back of her thigh, the text I got from her a few days later was sobering. She was in pain and worried her Tattoo was infected.

I was worried too. 4 years with no issues and now suddenly a possible infection. The only thing I did differently this time was I bandaged her with that Second Skin product.

I immediately contacted the three other clients I had used the Second Skin product on and asked about their experiences. All said it was painful removing the stuff. One healed fine, and another felt he had a quarter-sized spot that looked and felt prone to being infected. Ugh!

So I am going back to plastic wrap. I contacted Kim this morning for an update and luckily she said it was feeling better.  So I’m hoping disaster was averted.


Yesterday I did a wolf in memory of a young man’s grandfather. And today (Memorial Day) I started on that big half-sleeve coverup. Careful planning is paying off. We got a nice 3-hour session in and everything is looking good.


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