May 29, 2018

I have finished development on the first build of my new App. It is available in the iTunes app store!

Check out TattApp in the app store!

**IMPORTANT** It can ONLY be used on an iPad Pro with a pressure-sensitive stylus such as the Apple Pencil.

It is a drawing app for tattoo artists that simulates the effects of needles being driven into the surface at a high speed.  This allows practice of shading and blending techniques that are difficult to practice by other means.

Judge an apprentice’s readiness without the mess and cost of supplies by reviewing their abilities on TattApp.


Practice tattoo techniques


One big feature is the awareness of how hand speed affects the ink application. Artists can experiment with fast shading and slow saturation techniques.  There is also corner shading that simulates using the corner of a magnum needle to taper a stroke in tight areas.

Another cool feature I added is the ability to pick ink colors and dip between them to mix new colors. Starting with a red color, I can dip in the yellow 4 or 5 times to get varying degrees of orange. To clear my selected color I just dip in the rinse cup.  The color selector has a black and gray version as well as a full color version. I personally like to lay out a few grays with my colors for when I need to knock down the chroma of a color.


Users can import a photo to use as a stencil guide. Ideally this should be a black line drawing on white background. There is a slider that adjusts the imported photo’s transparency and a visibility button that toggles the image on and off. Projects can be saved, and the artwork can be shared.

So far everything seems to be working well (version 1.83). I have released a gazillion updates so far to address various issues, and I hope to add some new features in the future.


Version History

  • 1.83

  • 1.80

    Fixed problem with saved projects loading images incorrectly while workspace was resized
    Fixed the eraser icon in the sketching feature
    Changed pencil blend mode to multiply in the sketching feature
    Fixed issue where shared image was wrong size when the workspace was zoomed
    Added a User Guide
    Added the ability to duplicate projects

  • 1.75

  • 1.48

  • 1.47

  • 1.46



  • 1.44

  • 1.41

  • 1.40

  • 1.33

  • 1.2

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