Hats arrived

June 20, 2018

Today’s Tattoo was a 3pm appointment – the Marilyn Monroe. I was able to complete it in 2 hours 10 minutes. It was about 7 inches tall on an outer thigh. I always want to spend more time with pieces like this, but they get sore fast and I never want to push the pain factor too far with a client. I was using large magnum needles – 9, 17, and a 27.


She had a Portuguese Rooster Tattoo on her lower leg that I had done a while back so I grabbed a quick picture of it.

After my session I saw that the new hats order had arrived. We’ll see if anyone wants to buy a hat (they were a bit pricey in my opinion). And speaking of pricey, I placed a very big order today for needle cartridges and the FK Irons Spectra Xion Tattoo machine. I really want to see how it performs with its ‘give’ feature. Hopefully it will arrive in the next couple days.

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