The Warrior

June 28, 2018

Today was the day to ink the woman fighting off a lion attacking her horse.  I posted previously the story behind it and some of my sketches.  About ten minutes before my client arrived I had a sudden urge to make some changes.  The placement had changed from a thigh to a forearm, so I rotated everything to make the piece more vertical, then reshaped the rocks and widened the horse’s stance.  I also felt the woman was too large, so I shrunk her a bit.

I started at the bottom and worked my way up using a 15 curved mag and a 9 curved mag. I also briefly used a 5 liner for a few edges. The tattoo took 5 hours total and the client was very happy.  He asked me to make the hair blonde.  I put the color in very solid but it did not seem too bright.  Some people take yellows well and others not so well.  It may brighten as it heals but it is possible it won’t be very bright.  This was a very fun and creative piece. I utilized a lot of reference materials to create the final artwork, including my model Valarie from the Tattoo Girls oil painting. The client’s skin was in good shape afterwards, not very red or swollen.  I’ve been using the new FK Irons Spectra Xion machine with a soft setting as well as doing most of my shading with a pulling motion (rather than pushing) and I’ve noticed much less damage to people’s skin.

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