Dramatic lighting

July 3, 2018

It had been a month-and-a-half since I updated my business paperwork stuff. I keep spreadsheets in the cloud with all my business expenditures. I have a few simple formulas that calculate my totals and how much use tax I owe. Keeping track of all the business dealings is super important come tax time.

After the number crunching, I put the remaining muscles onto Hector.  I may finish building the rest of the muscles and attempt to mount them all to the skeletal frame over the next few months. I really want to see what this guy looks like completed.  Plus I might still get to use him as a prototype concept to pitch him to a company that can produce a working mannequin.

I got a new client who wants a pretty big black and gray upper arm piece. The design is another tattoo he found online, but I’m going to redraw the entire thing. It’s a girl with a dead wolf skin on her head.  She’s holding a skull and there’s a clock face in the background.

To begin creating the design, I grabbed one of Hector’s spare skulls. I punched a hole through a small piece of foam board with a knitting needle, then mounted a small flashlight to it with rubber bands. I used it as a spotlight to create some dramatic lighting for the skull.

Next I texted Valarie to see if she wanted another modeling job. I’m going to set up some similar lighting and get some photos of her hand and face. I found a few good wolf pictures online, should be able to start drawing the design up in a few days.

I have this big oil painting in my shop that I finished 2 months ago. I painted it in three stages. The last stage involved me adding a lot of oil to the paints. At certain angles the glare from the oil is distracting and obvious. I’ve heard it can take up to a year for some oil paint to dry completely.

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