Dancer and a Wolf Hat

I devoted some time over the past couple days to working on a new oil painting. I had the 4th of July off and needed something to do other than Tattoo-related stuff. 4 years ago I had seen a post on a friend’s Facebook showing his son dancing at a pow wow. I asked him if I could do a painting of it and he agreed. Well I never got around to doing the painting, and every so often he’d message me to see if I had painted it yet. It was long overdue and I’m happy I finally worked on it. But now I have to let it sit some more because I have fallen behind on my tattoo-related things again and need to devote time to client drawings.

This morning was round two of an upper arm piece. The art is not one of my designs. We’re 6 hours into it and probably have 2 more to finish. He’ll be back in a month.

Valarie came by for a quick photo shoot today after my morning tattoo session. I just needed some photo reference for the girl’s hand and face so that I wasn’t doing an exact copy of the tattoo that the client found online. Plus photos of tattoos tend to be distorted due to the design wrapping around body parts, so it’s important to come up with a fresh undistorted design. And using a model is helpful when you’re going for realism. Val and I tried to come up with a backstory to why this girl had a skull, who the skull used to be, and why she had a dead wolf on her head.

I had taken a big piece of foam board and cut a hole in it make a soft wasn’t as concentrated as I wanted but it was useful. I no longer have my Halloween skull so I had her hold a bowl.


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