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I had a friend from college contact me on Facebook a couple months ago.  I hadn’t seen him in 24 years.  I haven’t had any contact with anyone from college, so it really got the wheels in my head spinning.  I was in the character animation program at CALARTS with another friend who I learned was a tattoo artist in Hawaii.  Over the years I have distanced myself from other tattoo artists because more often than not they’re jerks.  Well I got a little excited at the prospect of reconnecting with an old friend and also to be able to talk about our paths from animators to tattoo artists.  I also wanted to share the large amount of photos I had of him and all our friends from our college days.

Google made it easy to track him down, and we had one very brief email exchange before I realized he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.  Honestly it devastated me a bit for a few days.  This guy and I used to ride motorcycles together around Los Angeles.  We worked on animation projects, went to the beach and boogie-boarded…he put a snake on my head…he introduced me to a lot of cool music…I always had great memories with this guy.

Life goes on and it seems to get a little lonelier each passing year.  But the reconnecting with two friends from college got me wanting to reach out to a few other friends…and they kinda disregarded me as well.

One guy from college kept haunting my thoughts, though.  It was my roommate from my second year.  He was the nicest guy you’d ever meet, super polite, down-to-earth, and he was always drawing, always trying to improve his skills. Well the reason he was haunting my thoughts is because I was kind of a “bad roommate” that year.  I was a 19 year-old from a small conservative town going to college in Los Angeles at a very prestigious art school, and I was still trying to figure out what kind of person I was and how I fit in.  And I think I was just very inconsiderate that year to my roommate.  And I really felt like I needed to contact him and apologize.

So the other day I found him on Facebook and I wrote him a message telling him that I knew I was a jerk in college and that I was sorry.  And he wrote me right back and was super cool, acted like it was no big deal and how he had roommates after me that were way worse. I looked through his artwork and loved all of it. He’s still in LA doing storyboard and digital design work.  I wanted to share some of his art here in my blog because I think it’s really cool.  His name is Steve Curcuru and he’s from Boston.

And here’s a photo of Steve with Eddie Lin – another one of our college classmates.  I chatted with him for a while too.  He worked in animation for a few years then sold everything and moved to Mexico, met his wife, started a family, moved to Taiwan, and now he’s back in Los Angeles.

This morning I worked on an outer space sleeve that I think I started 2 years ago.  The client is always busy and broke so he doesn’t get in too often.  He and his dad had fixed an easel of mine a few months ago so I owed him an hour.

I then worked on some design ideas for a client who lost her sister tragically back in February. It will be a memorial tattoo commemorating her love of pole fitness.  The reference photos are pretty poor resolution so I’m kind of “frankensteining” ideas together.  I’ll send them to her tomorrow probably and get some feedback on how to proceed next.

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