Lotus and Skull

July 14, 2018

I worked some more on that coverup/sleeve design.  I’m using Hector’s skull as reference, still gotta add the clock hands. I may be spending too much time on the design, but it does look cool.

I finished a lotus flower tattoo yesterday.  She brought in a set amount of cash – which put in an odd predicament because I needed to finish her tattoo, but since my shop rate is hourly I now had a set time limit to finish it in.  She only brought enough for an hour and it took an hour and twenty minutes, so I ate the remainder.  I’m not so much put off by that, its that my frame of mind during the entire tattoo was thrown off kilter. Instead of taking my time trying to make the tattoo look as good as I could, I was instead rushing trying to get it completed in the allotted amount of time.  I got a message from the client later saying she wanted to schedule another appointment to add more petals – which is good because now I can spend a little more time with it at her next session in 2 weeks.  I have to ask her if she wants the petal colors more uniform.  I realized in my haste that the inner row of petals are not all the same.  I can correct the colors in the next session if she wants me to.  Or it’s possible she might like it that way, we’ll see.

I want to add a rack to the back of my jeep so I can mount gas cans.  I was looking at my tire carrier last night and I think I can build a simple one out of steel.  I have a friend who can weld the ends on for me, and he knows someone who could powder coat it.  I ordered the steel for $25.  The shipping was also $25.  I wonder if I could have found it locally.  Oh well, it will still be cheap and useful.

Today was session number three on my client with the hawk, compass, and DNA tree sleeve.  We started adding a roman-style soldier on his forearm, which took 3 hours. I’ll finish it up in 2 weeks then we’ll work on the other side of the forearm.  We also might doing some gray cloud fill to finish off the entire piece.

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