Painting Idea and Scuba Women

My visit to Jarbidge recently has got me thinking about an idea for a new oil painting. I started a sketch and reached out to my Facebook people for some reference materials. I’m supposed to meet a guy tomorrow to discuss early 20th century Nevada cowboy attire.

Vacation put me behind on all sorts of things, including keeping my blog updated. A few days ago I started a Rodbuster tattoo on a guy I first tattooed 20 years ago. He used to help me make tattoo needles back then. We found out that thigh tattoos can be a bit tender. After an hour and a half we decided to finish at a later date.

My former Navy officer client sent me a pic of her scuba diving crew wearing their custom tank tops that I designed the artwork for – pretty awesome! She’s going to send me a signed pic soon to hang up in the shop.

Yesterday was a coverup of a tacky Friday the 13th tattoo with a fishing lure. She and her dad are avid fisherfolk.

Today was a foot tattoo of a punk skull with the word “lackadaisical” to represent the client’s high school memory of a teacher using the word to describe him.

And the highlight of my day – I met with one of my clients/friends this afternoon and he welded together my pieces of metal to create the gas can holder for my Jeep. And it fit perfectly and is super sturdy. Next I’m going to get it powder coated and get a second gas can.

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