Fires and Dark Skin

July 31, 2018

I’m getting close to nailing down the design for the client whose sister passed away 5 months ago. Her tattoo appointment is in 2 days.

There are a gazillion fires burning all around and the air is filled with smoke. Everyday my eyes water and burn, and I’m feeling tired through every tattoo.

A few days ago I started a full back piece on a guy who came down from Reno. We only went two hours so not a lot of progress, but a decent start. It will look tons better when I can get all the shading done in the girl’s face.

‘The Hansa design is not going well. I’ve done five revisions so far and the client does not like it. I can’t say I do either, but in my defense I’m just doing to it what the client tells me to do.

So there was a bit of a scheduling fiasco for today. Yesterday I was waiting for a client who needed a touchup on another artist’s work. When she didn’t show I looked back through our messages to see that I had told her Tuesday the 30th (yesterday was Monday the 30th). Luckily she was able to come in yesterday.

I also had another client who last month confused me by asking for available dates, then said his brother-in-law needed an appointment. I never heard from the guy so I didn’t put him on my calendar. A couple days ago the brother-in-law messaged me with the picture of the tattoo he wanted and told me how excited he was to get it done on Tuesday. Well shoot – I was already booked for Tuesday with a big piece. I decided to make Tuesday a long day. I did this 4-hour piece first…

…and then I had 30 minutes to get something to eat, and then I did the brother-in-law’s tattoo. He was a world traveler originally from Brooklyn. Halfway through the Tattoo session he started having immense pain in his foot. He explained to me that a couple years after he had chemo, he started having random bouts of extreme pain in his foot that can sometimes last up to 2 hours. He had me keep tattooing while he suffered in agony. I brightened the photo quite a bit but in actuality this tattoo was very difficult to do because I was struggling to see my lines. He was happy though.

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