Bunny Escapades

August 6, 2018

I did a simple design from the Destiny video game on a young client yesterday. Notice it took a couple tries to get the stencil placed in the right spot. I usually start a session placing the tattooing where I think looks good (with the client’s assistance), then I have the client check it in the mirror. If the client brought a friend we get their eyes on it too.  In this case he wanted the design higher, and to me the first stick looked a bit tilted.  So I wiped off the stencil and placed a new one on his arm. He’s gotten a few tattoos from me over the years. I grabbed a quick picture of another one I did on him:

He has an interest in doing tattoos so I got to talking about tattooing and couldn’t shut up. He and his girlfriend have an art room set up at their house. When I sense an interest in art then I really can’t stop talking. They both got an earful yesterday.

Afterwards a former client of 20 years wanted to go kayaking. He and his wife got new kayaks and were headed to Weber reservoir, so I followed them. He thought it was closer than it really was – Weber reservoir is in Schurz, which is an Indian reservation 45 miles away.

About 8 miles before Schurz we passed a sign that said Weber Reservoir. I never use my phone while driving, but I put it on speaker and called him. He said he saw the sign but his phone is telling him to keep going.

We get to Schurz and he pulls over. He says now his phone is telling him to go to Yerington. I suggest we drive back to the sign. So we drive 8 miles back to the sign and turn onto a dirt road. There’s another sign that says permits are required and they are available at a store back in Schurz.

I’m starting to feel like I’m in an old Stooges movie.

So we drive back to Schurz and go in to the store. The lady says we can buy the permits online. She gives us an iPad to purchase them. My friend gets through most of the process before realizing it’s going to cost $35 for each person. He doesn’t want to pay that much just to kayak for 2 hours. So we leave the store.

I suggest we go to Sheckler reservoir, which is back in Fallon. So we drive back to Fallon then head out into the desert. As I’m getting close to the reservoir I notice my friend’s truck is no longer behind me. I’ve lost him. Apparently my Jeep has really good suspension and I don’t feel the bumps of the dirt roads, so I can go pretty fast.

I turn around and head back to a fork in the road where I suspect I lost him. Sure enough I find him. So I drive slower and we finally make it to a spot where we can launch the kayaks.

The reservoir had been much more full a few months ago, but now it was looking very shallow. I launched first to see if there was enough water to boat in, and to my relief there was. I paddled out a ways and measured to the bottom with my oar. There was about 3 feet of water.

My friend, his wife, and I paddled around for a while very leisurely. I practiced casting with my fly fishing rod occasionally.

The best part though was when I came up alongside my friend and told him how to hold a kayak for someone so they can get back on if they capsize. And then he suddenly capsized. It was the weirdest thing. I couldn’t stop laughing. He came up soaking wet and bewildered. So we got to practice – I held his kayak while he got back on. So weird!

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