Just tattooing

August 10, 2018

I finished up a Roman soldier tattoo on a sleeve a couple days ago. I think it’s looking pretty good. In two weeks we’re going to work on the rest of the forearm.

Yesterday I started work on a new full-arm sleeve. He has a tattoo of a tiger he got in the Philippines 30 years ago that needs covering. I don’t know what kind of ink they were using back then, but it is still pretty dark.

Today I did a basic Raiders tattoo on the back of a calf. It seems easy enough but it actually took an hour to fill in all that black.

I finished up the day with a Bart Simpson tattoo. The client is a young woman visiting from France. She likes strange and unique things. One thing I have learned from doing tattoos on thighs is that getting ink flare is very common. I used a 5-liner needle as gently as I could in two passes. And still I could see some areas where the ink flared under the skin. Very frustrating. I have my machine hitting very soft and I was running it slower than normal. I might try having it hit harder and running faster on the next thigh piece just to see if it makes any difference.

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