Snake and the Female policy

August 14, 2018

A while back I had correspondence with a new client who booked up this weekend for her and her friend. I was having trouble getting her to respond to messages and confirm times, and I woke up Saturday morning to a message from her saying she was cancelling. So I had the entire weekend off. I earned no money at all, but I got to go do some kayaking, fishing, and napping.

Monday morning I was feeling renewed and vibrant – ready to tattoo again. My client was a repeat customer who grew up in Texas. I spent 4 hours tattooing a line-style rattlesnake on her entire thigh. Before starting I adjusted my Spektra machine to hit harder in lieu of my past thigh tattoos exhibiting frequent ink flaring. And to my surprise, I had no visible flaring during her session.

I’ve been making progress on my graphic novel. I started work on page 8 today. It’s going to be a very long process, but I’m hoping I can stay motivated and work on it consistently.

And today I slept in a bit and lounged around because I thought today was my consult day. Luckily my phone reminder went off and I realized I had a tattoo session today. Tomorrow is my consult day. I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, but I got the shop all set up and spent a little over two hours finishing up the skull piece on my firefighter EMT client. We somehow got on the subject of my shop policy that I follow that forbids me from hitting on clients. Being a single guy in the position of spending time with female clients can probably be pretty tempting to many artists. I have always tried to be as professional as possible, not wanting to put clients in situations where they may feel awkward. He thinks I overthink this stuff, and maybe I do, but it all made for interesting shop banter.

We were both happy to have this piece finished. I think we had close to 9 hours into it. We’re going to add more soon to sleeve out the arm down to mid-forearm.

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