Age and Rosemary

August 28, 2018

I actually went and picked up a client for her tattoo session the other day because her car was broken.  I did a rosemary plant on her shoulder blade with an Italian phrase. She kept thanking me for listening to what she wanted. Apparently there is no shortage of tattoo artists who simply do what they feel like doing instead of listening to what their clients want.

Progress continued on the sleeve that started with a coverup. Check out the swelling on that shoulder:

And work continued on my genius client’s chemistry/physiology sleeve. Somehow we got on the subject of age, and she constantly deals with people treating her like she is inconsequential because she looks so young.  They don’t realize that she has a high-caliber job in the medical field and is highly intelligent because she looks like she is 19 years old (she’s in her early 30’s). I thought that was interesting – someone wishing they looked older. She’s cool!

I had a consult appointment with a lady to design a tattoo for her.  Normally I do a consult on one day and then schedule the actual tattoo at a later date. We designed her artwork together in a short amount of time, and after checking the calendar I saw it would be at least a month before I could get her in to do the tattoo. I knew it wouldn’t take very long to tattoo it, so we decided to just do it then. We were both surprised that our sons had the same name, and we both spelled it the same.

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