Bad Stencil and Stuff

September 2, 2018

Today’s half-sleeve session started with me being unable to make a stencil.  I had the linework printed and sized correctly, but feeding it through my old 3M Thermofax machine yielded no stencil. This can be a panic situation, and inside I was a bit perturbed, but I had some options and theories.  I do have one printer whose ink will not show up through the thermofax machine.  My Canon printer however has always worked fine. Until today.  I have my backup stencil printer, but even it did not print the stencil. Ugh!

The last resort is to print the design reversed and then hand-trace it onto some stencil paper which I keep on hand just for such an emergency. The main drawback is that the client has to sit and wait. We got started finally 40 minutes late.

The session went well.  Being able to use large needles (23 magnums) allowed me to cover a lot of ground in just 2 and a half hours. I had failed to ask the client which arm the design was going on in our messages, so I had to flip it and omit the clock for now (the roman numerals would have been reversed and in the wrong spot). Next session I will add the clock face on the shoulder.

After the session was over I began troubleshooting my printer and found two settings to pump up the black ink.  I printed out a new design and ran it through the thermofax and voila! Perfect stencil.

The last few days I’ve spent working on some new designs for clients.

The reaper still needs a lot of work, and the palm tree one is going to go in a new direction.

And the exciting news for me is that I found my missing Apple Pencil.  It was driving me nuts that my iPad could still detect it when I was in my tattoo shop. The day it went missing I knew I had not used it, so it had to be near the table. I checked the chairs and there it was – resting in the crease.  So now I have two Apple Pencils.

I finished up a half sleeve a few days ago on my 6’10” client. I think I may have used grays in this final session that were too light. I told him to let me know if it needs a touchup when it’s all healed and I will darken them up for free.

I also did a coverup Tattoo a few days ago. The tough part about this is the client wanted a black and gray tattoo. Although it did work, it is still kind of apparent that there was something else underneath. We are currently discussing the possibility of adding color to help hide it more.

I also fell way behind on getting a pencil drawing done for a client, so I finally got it finished yesterday.

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