Immortan Joe and the Comic

September 4, 2018

Session three took place yesterday on my son’s Mad Max: Fury Road tattoo.  We absolutely loved that movie.  We talked about maybe even making his entire arm an homage to the Mad Max movies (if he ever decides he wants to do more). For now though he’s got a pretty cool first tattoo.  I told him we should do one more detail session when it’s all healed up now that everything is pretty well blocked in.

This morning I added on to the upper shoulder area of my client who got the fastest full sleeve ever.  She had pointed out that the top area needed something, and she was right.  So we added a skull to cap off the shoulder and complete the sleeve (although  she might add more going onto the top of her hand).

I haven’t worked much on my graphic novel lately. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I busted out the iPad and started working on a new page.

I do quick scribbly layout sketches first, then I detail draw over those sketches, then I ink and color the pages. This page is still in progress:

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