Horror Weeds

September 15, 2018

I continued work on the horror movie leg sleeve today. The upper thigh will consist of the four phases of Dracula from the movie – Prince Vlad, Werewolf, bat creature, and old man. I did the werewolf phase today.

Midway through the tattoo I switched to a 23-mag needle, which is pretty wide.  While dipping into the ink tray I was careless and whipped the entire tray onto the floor.  Ugh I hate cleaning up ink spills.  Wiping for days!

The entire leg is shaping up nicely. When this tattoo is all done I’ll get some nicer pictures with my good camera.

Yesterday I tattooed a colorful turtle on a foot. She toughed it out for an hour and a half. I told her she might need to come back for a touchup since the feet tattoos tend to fade a bit.

And I’ve been trying to design a good coverup for this guy’s old Iron Maiden tattoo.  First I tried the state of Louisiana and a lobster with a confederate flag, but he said he’s allergic to shellfish.  So then I tried a catfish. He seems excited about trying a southern oak with spanish moss. At first I didn’t think it would work, but after playing around with it for awhile I showed him what I drew and he loved it.

And lastly, I made a homemade weed drag out of some fence posts and fencing that I had laying around the yard. I had almost bought a plow attachment for my ATV until a client suggested I just make a drag.  I didn’t have high hopes of it working, but it got the job done.  My yard was covered in weeds and now they’re like 95% gone.

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