Sleeves and a Foot

September 21, 2018

I did a colorful peacock feather on the foot of a client who I last tattooed 18 years ago. Feet are painful. She did good but I could tell she was gritting her teeth.

I finished up the Hawk/tree/soldier sleeve with some cloud fill and a wash of color up top. He’s going to come back when it’s healed so I can get some better pictures with my nice camera. The lighting in my shop and my old iPhone make for dull pictures.

I added a reaper to this ongoing sleeveand tied it in to the previous flames tattoo he has on his wrist. I covered a lot of area in just under three hours using a 23 soft edge magnum.

I started a design for a chest/half sleeve piece. The client lives in Fernley (30 miles away). He knew he wanted a big lion head on his chest but wasn’t sure what else he wanted on his arm. During our consult I got the impression that his family was a very important aspect of his life so I sent him this idea and also put it on a stock photo so he could see how it would lay out. He liked it.

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