Skulls and a Sunflower

September 25, 2018

I did this black and grey skull with headdress the other day on the back of a calf. Client was originally from Chicago but has been here in Fallon working on the navy base since 2009. He has tattoo work in progress by another artist in Reno, but after I finished this one he said he wants me to continue his work.

Last week I had a day off and so I got my son back in the chair for his final session. We were both stoked to get his first tattoo finished. It felt like a right of passage in a way. I’ll get another picture when it’s healed up. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Today I did a sunflower tattoo with some color splashes and text. I wanted to do more to tidy it up at the end but I felt like I had really worked the skin enough. Forearms – especially on the inner side – have to be handled a little more forcefully to get the ink in well. I like the brightness and the colors.

And lastly I have some news.  Over the last six years I’ve operated Underground Tattoo all by myself.  My clientele has grown and there are longer waits to get appointments. I find myself wanting more off time.  I’m always behind on drawing up designs for people, and sometimes I have trouble responding to inquiries for tattoo work. It was suggested to me that I should hire a personal assistant – someone to help with scheduling, orders, inventory, and management. After much contemplation I think it is the right thing to do. So I will be hiring someone within the next couple weeks who I have already worked with to help me get Underground Tattoo in better shape and running more efficiently.

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