Backpiece and Sleeve

September 29, 2018

Two hours on session two of a full back piece commenced today. I’m using Empire white-wash inks in 4 shades of gray. I only used a 27-mag and 17-mag curved needle today. My client informed me that we may be feeling the effects of a hurricane this week coming up from Mexico.

I did more work this week on the day of the dead sleeve. I tied the upper and lower arm pieces together with wisps and a rose, and I continued detailing the girl’s face, also adding flowers to her hair. I roughed in the next girl’s face back on the triceps. I wanted to work longer than the 3 hours I put in, but I was starting not to feel good so I called it a day. I thought maybe I was getting sick. I spent the rest of the day in bed napping and felt fine the next day.

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