Help Acquired

October 2, 2018

I met with my new assistant earlier and we went over the shop’s inventory duties. Her name is Valarie. Her and I met about 20 years ago. She’s changed a lot since then. Now she resembles a fish from the Spongebob show.

She has helped me with quite a few art projects, the most famous one being the oil painting she and her sister posed for:

Val and I are going to get Underground Tattoo running more efficiently.

Today I did a watercolor style tattoo of a dog paw print. The client has a Great Dane so she wanted the paw really big. She found the design online (I’m not so great at designing watercolor style art – I’m an oil painter).

I’ve been working on a design with a bunch of video game character villains, and one is Mileena from the game Mortal Combat. She’s got a few different outfits so I’m awaiting news from the client on which outfit would be best.

My kid was running around the house with his shirt off and his tattoo looked close to healed so I grabbed a quick phone pic.

I also finished a pencil sketch I was asked to do over a month ago. I’ve been struggling getting artwork done lately. I have another trip scheduled to Jarbidge in 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll come back ready to work more.

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