TattApp still Rocks

October 4, 2018

I made the app so I could practice. And I use it. I really need to promote it somehow. I started a new piece on it tonight so I could make a new ad. I really think it has helped my skills improve. I shaded this skull freehand with no reference material. I just tried to analyze how the light would fall across each form as I went. I was also trying a faster hand motion and letting the shade slowly build up.

Today I finished up the Rodbuster piece. My client talked a lot about his kids, his parents, the old days…he’s always got fun stories.

Valarie and her sister Mary stopped by briefly to drop off some shop supplies. She found some LED lightbulbs for my track lights, which currently are halogen and burn out quick. The new LED bulbs are bright. I think if I replace all 24 of them my shop is going to be too bright.

Yesterday I did a 3-inch tattoo of flowers and an autism ribbon. Even though it was tiny, it took 2 hours to do. All the flowers came from the client’s garden. Because of the size, I decided to do linework.

I got a concerned message from her today about ink coming off on her sheets along with a photo of the incident. I assured her that was normal for the first few days as the surface ink sloughs off.

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