New Demo Video

I spent all morning creating a new video for my YouTube channel. I wanted to demonstrate some high-depth tattoo shading techniques and also showcase my app. This is the piece of art I created on the video. I think I have a day off tomorrow so I’ll do all the editing then. I have like 4 hours of footage so it’s going to be boring putting it all together. But I’m hoping this will help get the word out that my app exists.

Yesterday I continued work on the Pixar/Disney sleeve.

It’s slow-going. A couple days ago I went to say goodbye to her dad who is a longtime client of mine. He’s been in the National Guard for almost twenty years and was due to get out next month. Well he just got orders to deploy for 6 months to Saudi Arabia. I had to go wish him well. He didn’t seem too excited to leave his family.

Hey I just noticed the huge Disneyland mural I painted years ago is in the background of the photo. Here’s a pic of the mural:

And today I finished up the tattoo that I owed for Jeep work.

And I forgot to post this one from a few days ago (I also worked on the chemistry sleeve but forgot to take a picture).

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