Skull Octopus and Copyrights

October 11, 2018

Today was a repeat client getting a skull-octopus on her arm.  Black and gray work is always fun.  I enjoy creating depth with shading.  We were going to run some tentacles down her back but ran out of time since I had to go pick up my son and my niece from school.

Last night I finished editing my tattoo shading video, whittling 5 hours of video footage down to an hour and a half.  I needed some copyright-free background music and ended up spending almost $100 from an online company that specializes in providing music for video projects.

This morning I was greeted to a bunch of emails from YouTube stating that every song I used was copyright infringement. Seriously? So I disputed all the claims and also sent an email to the company I got the music from. So far there has been no reply. In the meantime YouTube has plastered my video with ads. Very frustrating.

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