Back to Work

October 21, 2018

I got a new design drawn up for the video game villains piece that I think I am starting this week.  I had a server migration on both my website hosting accounts and I think it screwed up my email.  I had sent my client some wardrobe ideas a while back and a few weeks later she got back to me to say my email had gone to her spam folder. Today I sent her the new Milena design from Mortal Kombat.

Lots of good stuff happening lately.  YouTube released the copyrights on the music I paid for and used in the shading video.  My buddy in Vegas agreed to do the redesign on TattApp. And I made a user guide video for TattApp.

Getting back to work was surprisingly difficult after having 3 days off.  I worked some more on the chemistry sleeve yesterday, finishing off a DNA strand around her shoulder and starting on a polymer chain for some upper arm background fill.


Today was a day of old school traditional style tattoos.  I have never been very good at that style and I avoid doing tattoos in that style because of it.  Yet somehow I agreed to do two on the same day.  The first one took much longer than I thought it would:

And the second one took even longer:

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