Cosmic Stuff

October 28, 2018

Well I’ve fallen behind a bit as usual and today I remembered that I needed to update the blog. I got to show off my iPad Pro to a good friend today by sketching up this quick little design. Spontaneous art can be fun to do.

I continued work on a sleeve a few days ago by starting a skull on his hand. We’re going to add a new female figure to his inner forearm next and I’m going to have Val do some modeling for that piece so I can get it looking realistic and sharp.

The video game villain leg piece got started this week. I got Pyramid Head from Silent Hill drawn up and approved.

We got a good 3-hour session in. I thought I would be able to get Mileena and Pyramid Head completed but Mileena turned out to be pretty complex. Using little needles slows everything up, but I felt the session went really well and we got off to a great start with that piece.

Yesterday’s tattoo was a unique idea – a Mastiff with the cosmos inside. My client told me some interesting stories from when she owned a video store in Lovelock many years ago.

Still trying to get the Hamsa design approved. This one has truly shown how terrible I am at graphic design. I’ve lost track of how many versions I’ve drawn – it’s close to 10. After submitting this one client the has suggested I make the eye realistic.

And the last bit of news from this week is regarding TattApp. I’ve been building a new sketching and inking feature so that the user can draw inside the app and then use the drawing as a stencil in the tattoo section. I’m off to a decent start but feel like I have a lot more development ahead of me to get things feeling natural when you draw. I sketched this out real quick to see how it performs…not too bad.

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