Lines and Bad Reviews

November 2, 2018

Tattoos with hard lines have never been my specialty.  I tend to avoid them when I can.  Today’s session was a tattoo that was only lines – no color, no shading, just lines.  Well I got through it.  And so did she.  I think it was her first tattoo.  She heads off to Texas for basic training in the Air Force in a few weeks.

Yesterday I got started on a floral full sleeve. I had stenciled three sunflowers on her shoulder, but near the three-hour mark I was just finishing up tattooing the first one.  She’ll have quite a few sessions to go.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a message from someone in Sweden telling me that my app wasn’t working right on his iPad.  He sent a screenshot and I was perplexed.  The lower menu items were gone.

After pondering for a few minutes I noticed that the upper items were all squished together.  Then it dawned on me that his iPad Pro was probably smaller than mine.  I started to feel pretty ignorant for not knowing there were iPad Pro devices in different sizes.  I had assumed there was only the 12.9″ model which I developed my app for.

I spent the morning going through my code and tweaking things.  Then I did the sunflower tattoo, got my kid from school, and did more tweaking until I felt things were working.  I don’t have a smaller iPad Pro to test on, but the development software does have a simulator.  The only problem is that I can’t test the Apple Pencil on a simulator.

I submitted the app to the app store and wrote the guy in Sweden back telling him that I fixed it and that it should be accepted by Apple within a day.  I also asked if he’d let me know if he found any more problems since I don’t have his particular device.  He didn’t respond to me at all.

And then today I looked on my app store account to see that I had two bad reviews, and both were because of the exact same issue.  I responded to the reviews by saying the issue had been addressed.

Well sigh…getting an app off the ground and able to survive has been a daunting task.  I hope it gets better.

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