Crosses and Flowers

November 6, 2018

The time change almost screwed me up on the additions to the Jesus tattoo.  I thought I had been working on his arm for three and a half hours, so when it was time to pay I almost charged him too much.  Luckily I realized I hadn’t set the clocks back in the shop yet. I had only worked on him for two and a half hours.  The crosses and clouds came out good.  I didn’t fully finish the thorns and the sky background tying in to the other tattoo, so we’ll get that all finished up in a few weeks.

I do have a cool rough sketch of a panda to share for an upcoming arm piece.  The client liked it a lot so the next step will be to redraw it but more refined so I have a good art piece to work from when I do the actual tattoo.

Today I started a floral piece with two lilys and two roses along with a hummingbird dropping a seed and carrying another. I didn’t know what I was doing until the client arrived, so she worked on filling out her sample voting ballot (today was is election day) while I worked on drawing up her design. I got all the elements blocked in with the darks first so that I wouldn’t need the stencil any more. She’s going to come back in a few weeks and I’ll put in all the gray shading.

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