Beggars and Collectors

November 13, 2018

One of our local beggars paid my son and I a visit while we were parked at Sonic. A friend of mine calls him Paco, says he’s well-known in that area of town.

Gary Oldman played four versions of the famous vampire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I started work on the third one. That upper thigh area is sensitive though so I only got a coupe hours of time with him.

I was able to finish up an upper arm tattoo we started a couple months ago. I just had to add the clock face and shade out the wolf head.  The most difficult part was getting the clock face stencil sized and placed correctly.

Yesterday I started a forearm piece of honeysuckle flowers and a hummingbird.  I started working my way up and jumped around a bit as the stencil wore off and time began dictating what I should work on.  I want to send the client home with something that they can be excited for.  These multi-sessional pieces are slow to complete so in four hours, this is what I was able to accomplish.

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