November 14, 2018

Look at that big ole cat! I got in session number two and was able to get the rest of him finished in just under 3 hours. My poor client was hurting for certain! I think I primarily used a 17 curved bug pin magnum and my four shades of Empire whitewash inks. In our next session I’ll start the female lion on his shoulder which should be much easier for him to sit through.

I also got a call from an old cowboy who used to rodeo with my dad when I was young. He does leather work and was in need of a unique bird design for a bed frame piece he’s working on for a client. I drew this up for him and he loved it. I can’t wait to see his finished leather piece. I’ll post a picture as soon as it’s done.

I spent some time today working on client designs. I have one coverup of an old tribal tattoo that I wasn’t sure how I would deal with. She wants a Phoenix and a dragon, and budget is a concern, so since covering old black ink can be troublesome, I tried just utilizing the open areas to get as much color in there as I could. I sent her my idea and she seemed like she really liked it.

And lastly I got a new design drawn up for tomorrow’s ongoing sleeve. I was originally going to have Valarie pose for this one but she’s had a lot on her plate lately so I ‘Frankensteined’ this one together from a few different model poses I found online and then added some of my own touches.

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