Concepts and Tats

December 2, 2018

The weather has been changing here in the Nevada desert, and my body has been feeling it. I had a few days of artistic inspiration and worked on a conceptual design, mostly from the comfort of my bed. It evolved a bit from start to finish, and that can sometimes be frustrating when the finished piece loses an essence from the initial sketch. I was going back and forth between keeping things more loose and going for more realism. In the end the realism became more prominant. I’m not sure yet if that is good or bad, but I imagine it will influence my process going forward with future art pieces.

I liked the innocence and wonder of my earlier comp, but her torso and hips didn’t seem right. My desire to improve them changed the look of the entire piece. But overall I still like how it all turned out.

I finished up the Jesus forearm piece. There wasn’t much to do, mainly just detailing the thorns and working the background around them.

I added a couple more tentacles to the skull octopus creature:

And today I added some kidneys to the big biology/chemistry sleeve. I only used a 9 magnum soft edge needle.

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