Medusa And a Puppy?

December 4, 2018

My frequent client couple from Elko made the trek to Fallon again in a hideous snow storm with icy roads so the wife could get her new Medusa tattoo. We had to take a break at the 4-hour mark so I could go get my kid from school, and when I got back to the shop they had brought us sushi again. It was much-needed because I was hungry and a little shaky. She toughed out another 45 minutes for me to finish up the tattoo. Eventually we might add a background of some sort to it and maybe bring the torso down a little more to fade out. But we were all ready to be done for the day. I had spent the evening last night getting the artwork ready and didn’t get it fully finished, but I didn’t really need to. I drew in the crown at their request when they arrived this morning. It’s Poseidon’s crown. My client’s husband filled me in on the story of Poseidon and Medusa. I love mythology. The Gods are so messed up.

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing work on on the reaper/day of the dead girls sleeve. I designed up a skull for his inner upper arm, although I still have work to do on the forearm, so I’m not sure yet what I’ll actually be doing tomorrow. I’ll see if he has a preference for where I work.

Yesterday I did a quick little heart on a lady who waitresses at a restaurant here in town. She didn’t seem to speak too much English so we didn’t converse. She seemed happy with it.

My kid has been wanting to get a dog for years and I have finally given in. One of my clients is currently helping me get in touch with someone who has a litter of black and yellow labs. My son is really wanting a yellow so hopefully they still have some available. I have zero experience raising dogs so I’m going to be leaning heavily on a dog-savvy friend for help if all goes well. Pups from this particular litter will be available January 3rd.

Not long ago I had to draw a bird design for an old cowboy who does leather work. This morning he sent me a picture of his finished leather piece and it is just gorgeous.

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