Tattoos in Progress

December 30, 2018

We got our new puppy today. His name is Lenny. He is asleep on the floor at the moment next to the couch as I sit writing this. Christmas is over thankfully – it was great, but the lead up felt a bit hectic.

I did this rose tattoo the day before Christmas. I thought it came out really nice. Client handled it really well. I also do work on his sisters and brother-in-law. They all handle their tattoos like champs.

I finished up the armored sleeve after who knows how many years. It still needs some major touch ups but at least all the skin is finally covered.

I got to add a lion cub to my Fernley CrossFit client. I’m making good progress on this one. Black and gray always goes so much faster than color work.

I’ve been working on the background fill for the Day of the Dead sleeve that is nearing completion. I’m battling the flames that he already had from a previous artist and trying to get them to match with my work.

And my Fallon CrossFit client got some new characters added to her leg piece. We have one more character to add from the Resident Evil game and then I can work on getting all the colors added.

Yesterday I started the freaky bat creature from Dracula on the horror movie leg sleeve. My client informed me that we started this sleeve 6 years ago. There were long chunks of time where we didn’t do any work on it so that’s why it’s taken so long. We’ve made a lot of progress just in the last year.

Today was round two on the hummingbird with honeysuckle forearm piece. I only used a 7-magnum needle, which is kind of small, so progress is slow. However I think there’s a possibility I could finish it in the next session.

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