Chucky and Stuff

January 23, 2019

I was a little nervous going into the Chucky tattoo on our ongoing horror movie leg sleeve – mainly because Chucky was only about 3-inches tall. But he actually came out really good. I still have to add some white highlights and color his eyes blue.

I finished up the panda bear eating a baseball bat. We were going to add a background but the client changed his mind last second.

Rosary beads, a cross, and some swallows in traditional style.

A couple more tools and some shading added to the tool sleeve.

I started a horror movie hand on the leg sleeve, but client had to leave early to watch kids while his wife went to work, so I’ll finish it up next round.

Round three of the floral sleeve.

My former Navy Officer client who is stationed in Guam sent me a signed and framed photo of her scuba diving crew wearing their mermaid shirts that I designed for them.

I added a turtle shell to the elbow of the reptile sleeve.

Kaleb and Lenny

I was at my neighbors the other night visiting and decided to take a picture of the oil painting on their wall that I did for them a few years back.

I’ve been working on a new half-sleeve design for a young Navy woman helicopter pilot. She is wanting flowers from each country that she has landed in.

I started working on a phoenix bird design while waiting for my kid at the dentist. I had a consult yesterday with a woman who is a firefighter and she is thinking about getting a phoenix on her shoulder blade.

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