Lights and Tattoos

January 26, 2019

Anyone who knows anything about Jeeps knows the stock headlights are garbage. Once a month I take my friend to Reno for doctor visits and we always leave before the sun is up. And every time I’m white-knuckle driving and cursing my crappy headlights. So I finally got some new LED ones.

Her dad used to call me “Cody five-lights” way back in the day (23 years ago) because I had installed five marker lights on top of my ‘71 Chevy truck. I recently found a cool light bar for the Jeep that has five amber driving lights and just had to have it.

I got the third lion cub started on the inside of my Fernley client’s arm. We only had two hours but I felt like I made good progress. I’m hoping I can finish his arm up at the next session.

I finished a full sleeve yesterday. We worked on this for 5 months. I think we did ten 3-hour sessions. We have a touchup session scheduled in a couple weeks so I can go through and tidy up areas like the hand that have faded.

I was also able to finish the hummingbird and flowers shoulder blade piece.

I got Woody from Toy Story started on the Disney/Pixar full-color sleeve.

I added more to this floral piece. The client brought her relative who is a former client, and they both have puppies who are my puppy’s sisters. They couldn’t believe how much bigger Lenny is than their puppies. And it sounds like their puppies terrorize them much more, although Lenny has his moments.

I was setting up for a tattoo the other day and thought I’d snap a picture in the mirror.

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