Fighting Fires

February 2, 2019

A buddy of mine showed me an online tattoo photo of a firefighter helmet that he really liked. We discussed some ideas to make it more unique for his tattoo. I grabbed my nice camera and some flashes and went to a nearby fire substation where his firefighter gear was. He got all his gear on and I took a bunch of reference photos. From those I put together a design for his tattoo. I’m hoping to video his tattoo session for my YouTube channel.

I did this velociraptor skull recently on a client who was referred to me by one of her friends. It’s not one of my designs, but I thought it looked cool. She really liked it.

I started adding elements to a returning client’s arm, a mix of color and black and gray work.

I finally finished up a pencil drawing for a client that she asked for quite some time ago. I really shouldn’t be taking on side jobs with the amount of work I already have, but the cost of my health insurance each month necessitates it.

I started working on a design to cover an unfortunate woman’s tattoo on her forearm. I think what I came up with might work pretty well.

Valarie’s grandma has dementia. I knew Val’s grandma when I was younger. She was a school teacher in our community. Valarie and her mom devote much of their time to helping take care of her. While perusing my newsfeed this morning I came across an article about a girl who set up a whiteboard for her mother who has dementia to help ease the anxiety that accompanies the disease.

Today I got to work on the horror movie leg sleeve, this time adding Annabelle from the Conjuring movies. We ran out of time so I couldn’t finish her, but I almost have the entire front of the leg sleeve finished.

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