Bronson and Pain

February 10, 2019

This was a fun hand tattoo I got to do last week. I am curious to see how it will look after it is healed since hand tattoos are known for fading a lot during the healing process.

I spent an entire session on the lion family tattoo just adding mane from the daddy lion to fill the empty spaces. We are both hoping I can finish up this tattoo at the next appointment in a couple weeks.

I started a large pirate ship piece on a new client who will be getting a ship on each arm and a kracken creature on a forearm. Since he already has existing tattoos he wanted me to try and match their style, which forced me to adopt a more traditional style of lines and fill.

I’d been wanting to install a backup camera cheaply on my Jeep for a while now, and it turned into a much more complicated project than I thought it would be. I needed a replacement radio with a screen – which I found cheap on eBay. But then I also needed the camera feature turned on in the Jeep’s computer. Trying to avoid costly options, I found a cheap piece of software that could do the job, but it needed to be run on a Windows computer. I bought a special cable to plug into the Jeep and I went to my sister’s house to use her laptop. It was a struggle but I finally got everything working. The new radio is pretty cool compared to what I had. And I now have a backup camera.

My son mentioned to me that he was thinking about getting another tattoo. He wants to get Tom Hardy playing Charles Bronson from the move “Bronson”. The challenge was that he only found one picture that he likes, but there are bars framing his face, and he doesn’t want the bars. So I did my best to redraw the picture without the bars.

I started working on the second ship design for the new client since he’s coming back next week to start on his other arm.

And this morning I continued work on the chemistry/biology sleeve by adding a caffeine molecule around her elbow. This was by far the worst session for her as far as pain goes. She was in tears after two hours but wanted me to keep going. I was able to get the molecule completed (mostly). We have one more main element to add to the sleeve (some sort of spider-looking bacteria thing) and then she wants to fill all the empty spaces with a solid color.

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