Invites and Large Pieces

February 22, 2019

Yesterday I came so close to finishing the lion family piece. But alas I think I need another hour with it. I added more mane up top because the client said the lion looked like he had a mullet…and he was right. Looks better now.

Last week I made more progress on the horror movie leg sleeve. Bat Dracula got some abs, Annabelle got more shading, and I got creepy nun blended in with the creepy girl.

I started an old sailing ship on the other arm of the client who had me begin a pirate ship recently. He’s alternating arms each week.

I’m working on a kraken design for it too (that second picture is a drawing over a photo).

My CrossFit client went to Florida recently to cheer on her fellow crossfitters (the lion family tattoo client also went – and he and she actually don’t know each other since he CrossFits in Fernley and she in Fallon). Anyway the vacation left her needing to save up more money, so it’s been awhile since I last worked on her large video game character piece. I added ole Jack Baker from Resident evil. Now that all the characters are in place, I just need to go around and get them all colored and detailed.

I started on my son’s Bronson tattoo. It looks really funny right now because we didn’t finish. I swear when all the shading is done it will look awesome.

I got a message a few weeks ago from a high school in Hawthorne (70 miles south of Fallon) asking if I would participate in a Career Day at their school next month. I think it will be fun so why not?

I quickly designed up a banner and ordered it online. The banner showed up a few days later and I think it came out really great!

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