Videos and Tattoos

March 29, 2019

I set up three cameras and shot video of me working on the firefighter tattoo. All the cards in the cameras filled up after 3 hours so I decided to stop the session and finish it in a couple weeks. I really want to capture the entire session on video. I spent a couple days syncing up the footage and cutting between all three camera angles. Overall I think it all came out pretty good.

I have a guy who got some line work started on his back and wanted to see what I could do with it. So I shaded out the entire piece on my iPad and sent it to him. I think he really liked it.

I added some gerber daisies to the floral piece I’ve been working on. I was really happy with how they turned out and now I see I really need to sharpen up the edges of those sunflowers. She showed up to her session with a 2011 27” iMac computer and asked if I wanted it. And of course I did. She earned herself two free sessions with that surprise. I actually used it to edit all the footage from the firefighter tattoo, record music for the video, and also create a color theory video for tattoo artists. That computer actually runs better than my 2013 iMac.

I started detailing the dragon and cross on the second session of this chest piece. Little needles and little details make for slow progress, but I like how it’s taking shape.

I had to take my Jeep to Fernley for a recall on the airbag system. They said it could be four hours, so I walked over to the local Starbucks and sat with my iPad Pro drawing the angel/lady justice that Valarie posed for. One of my former clients who works at our local Vietnamese restaurant came in and saw me working. After two hours the Jeep was ready.

I started some lilys of the valley and a daisy on an in-progress sleeve. I didn’t get finished, it was getting swollen, red, and tender. I think we only have three more flowers to go and some design fill before we can call this sleeve finished.

I couldn’t get a good picture without glare, but the video game character piece is one session away from being complete. I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with just a 9 round shader. It seems to pack the ink in much more solid than the magnum needles. We’re both getting excited at seeing this one complete.

And this morning I got in a couple more hours with the underwater scene. I finished up the turtle using that 9 round shader needle, than switched to an 11 mag for the blue fill. I really like this piece.

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