Dragons and Krakens

April 7, 2019

Our second session of the dragon heart design ended after I finished the coloring on the red dragon, which she said hurt way more than the lining. We now know it should take about two hours and fifteen minutes to complete the other dragon.

My Disney Cruise client got another session in, but we were unable to finish. I squeezed him into my calendar one more time before he heads back to Florida so that I can get him finished up.

Adding to the wing I started a few weeks ago, I began covering his previous armband tattoo with feathers. So far so good. The inside will be trickier.

I worked at a school a few years back and had to sit in on some hiring interviews for a high school history teacher. The principal told me she already picked the person she was going to hire but said we had to do these interviews as a formality. Well the guy who gave the hands-down BEST interview and who I voted for wasn’t the one she had already picked. I got to tattoo that guy last week. He got a job at a school in Carlin and was here on spring break. He got the dark mark with a Gryffindor sword.

The ongoing gear-head tool sleeve got a new hanging shop lamp with color. I’m also going back over some of the faded tools and sharpening them up.

We finally found the most painful area of the leg, and we saved it for last. The horror movie leg sleeve continues with a huge backdrop of the movies Jeepers Creepers and Children of the Corn. We didn’t get too far obviously. This might be slow going.

The client with the two ongoing pirate sleeves was back in for more work and ready to alternate between arms again every weekend. We got in a long session adding a Kraken under one of his ships. He had a bit of a wait due to my schedule, but he has lots of days booked with me now. We’re both getting pumped about the final season of Game of Thrones which starts next weekend.

And this morning I started a nice camping scene in the woods which will eventually wrap around his entire forearm.

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