April 16, 2019

I had a request to draw the Greek goddess Athena based on a tattoo design the potential client had found. I spent some time trying to change the design enough so it wasn’t a copy, changing the helmet, face, and altering the outer design motif.

Taking on a tattoo design based on an extraordinary tattoo that someone else has done is always a bit intimidating, but I welcome the challenge to help elevate my skills.

I finished up the angel and lady justice design and sent it off to client, who quickly approved.

I finally finished the video game character piece on my CrossFit client’s thigh. She is already thinking about her next tattoo.

I don’t normally do old traditional, but an existing client talked me into doing this pinup based on an old tattoo his grandpa had.

The back of the thigh is not a pleasant place to get tattooed. This is the first time in my 22 years  of tattooing this guy that he asked me to stop. We’ll get through it, but it will be slow-going in this area. I did get quite a bit done in an hour and a half putting the Jeepers Creepers guy up in the sky.

Still struggling a bit to get the ink in solid on the pirate ship sleeves, we had another good long session. I started putting in a stormy sky and continued detailing the ship.

I started a dolphin on the underwater leg sleeve. I plan to do a second pass at the next session to help blend some of the hard transition areas. The grey inks were over-saturating the light blues when I was dipping between colors, so hopefully I can remedy that in the next round.

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