Covers and Designs

I started another classic horror movie piece beginning with Hannibal Lecter from the movie Silence of the Lambs. She already had the moth from the poster tattooed on her forearm so we put Hannibal right next to it. I’m also going to add Jason Voorhees, Mike Myers, and Ghostface Killer. This one took about two hours.

I designed up a hummingbird and rose for a client. The actual tattoo will have three roses, but this one took so long to draw that I decided I’ll just draw the line work for the other two as her appointment gets near. She’s still deciding where she wants to put them. I’ve sent her two ideas for placement by putting the art over photos to help her decide.

I worked on a second coverup for the same arm using another koi fish. This one I opted for blues and purples because the old tattoo has so much black. I’ve freehanded everything so far, drawing with a skin pen first then tattooing.

Round two on this coverup did not end with a finished tattoo like I thought it would. But I do think I can finish it on the next round. Since there so much brown I’m going to add green trees in the background and a blue sky.

The Nevada mining sleeve came to an end today. The mining car was placed to where it didn’t tie in well with the rest of the art, so I decided to make it into an old torn piece of paper. If we do a touch up session I’m probably going to add a mining map to the paper.

I added a Latin phrase to the Scottish-themed forearm piece.

I had a consult with a new client who wants a forearm tattoo of Mount Rainier to show her love for the Pacific Northwest. I sketched this up for her.

And I drew up a futuristic armored sleeve idea for a former client.

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